Hero image is a dark cave painted in purple hues, with coloured crystals growing in clumps and floating suspended throughout the piece. A waterfall from the left, a lake on the right and stairs leading outside at the back
Backup your secrets
Using the trust in your
Social fabric
Secure management of sensitive data on the distributed web
You want to safely backup a secret using the distributed web
To backup a secret you need to choose recovery partners and request their public keys
Your secret will be split into a set of backup pieces, each linked to one of these keys, and stored on the distributed web.
To recover a secret you will need the unencrypted shares from your recovery partners
To recover a secret you need to give your reovery partners the "identifier" you used during backup (usually your ethereum address), and ask them to retrieve their backup piece and send it to you.
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Someone who trusts you has asked you to help them safely backup a secret
A secret owner has asked you to generate a public key
As a recovery partner, you need to send a public key to the secret-owner so that they can backup their secret.
If a contact has lost access to their secret, they will ask you to retrieve a backup piece and send it to them
This will allow you to retrieve and decrypt the backup piece. It is important to make sure you are sending the backup piece to the right person.